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header for JNS Gardening Solutions

JNS Gardening Solutions

React Nodejs HTML5 CSS JavaScript

React/Express based website developed for local gardening business. Includes booking system and administrator back end.

header for UWA Pharmacy Case

UWA Pharmacy Case

Django Python HTML5 Sass Bootstrap JavaScript

Web application developed by a team of UWA students for Dr. Kenneth Lee and the UWA Master of Pharmacy course. Allows students to create, practice, share, and comment on real life case studies.

header for Bastion Droptimizer

Bastion Droptimizer

React Nodejs HTML5 CSS JavaScript WoW

Aggregates the results of raidbots.com SimulationCraft reports for an entire raid team enabling leadership to make better decisions about how to distribute loot.

header for // TODO:

// TODO:

JavaScript React Firebase Redux HTML5 Sass

Simple todo list application built with React, Redux, and Firebase.

header for sURL - URL Shortener

sURL - URL Shortener

JavaScript Firebase HTML5 CSS Nodejs

Link shortener built with firebase cloud functions and firestore. Embedded demo.

header for Portfolio Site

Portfolio Site

Nunjucks HTML5 Sass JavaScript

Static portfolio site built with Nunjucks. Try out the terminal right now by typing `help` and pressing enter!

header for Gabr


Django Python HTML5 Sass Bootstrap JavaScript

Microblogging website built with Django, Sass, and Bootstrap.

header for Movie Rankings

Movie Rankings

Flask Python HTML5 CSS Bootstrap JavaScript

Movie Rankings is a website that allows users show off their favourite movies and create polls about them. Built with Flask, Jinja2 and Bootstrap.

header for Old School RuneScape World Ping

Old School RuneScape World Ping

HTML5 CSS Bootstrap JavaScript RuneScape

Check your ping to the Old School RuneScape game servers.

header for Attendance Report

Attendance Report

HTML5 CSS Bootstrap JavaScript WoW

Generate a report showing how often players are late, leave early, or fail to attend World of Warcraft raids based on their presence in combat log data retrieved from warcraftlogs.com.


header for Dominion


CSharp MonoGame XNA

Multiplayer 4X grand strategy game based on Civilization 5. Procedural board generation and A* pathfinding.

header for MMO


TypeScript threejs OpenGL Nodejs HTML5 Sass

Browser MMORPG built with TypeScript, THREE.js, and socket.io.

header for Infinite Frontier

Infinite Frontier

CSharp MonoGame XNA

Space themed 4X grand strategy game. Solar system generation and colonisable planets.

header for Run


Unity CSharp

Single button infinite runner game developed in Unity. Press any key to make the player jump off the ground or wall he is stuck to.

header for Pong


HTML5 CSS JavaScript

Pong implemented with HTML5 canvas.


header for CITS Bot


Python Discord

Discord bot for the UWA Computer & Data Science discord. Weekly announcement of upcoming deadlines and role reacts.

header for Arwic Bot

Arwic Bot

Python Discord

Modular bot for the chat app Discord. Includes user permissions, YouTube music player, server administration, embedded messages, World of Warcraft utilities, and fun hidden responses.

header for Needs More JPEG Bot

Needs More JPEG Bot

Python Reddit

Reddit bot that responds to commenters' requests for a lower quality version of an image.


header for ElvUI Better Talent Frame

ElvUI Better Talent Frame

51,505+ downloads on Curse

Lua WoW

Improves the talent frame by adding customisable profiles and reimplementing the ability to view your selected talents from non-active specs.

header for Wow Discord Rich Presence

Wow Discord Rich Presence

Python Discord Lua WoW

Discord Rich Presence for World of Warcraft. The AddOn gathers data from the game and displays it to the python script, which updates the users Discord presence.

header for Arwic Alt Manager

Arwic Alt Manager

2,125+ downloads on Curse

Lua WoW

Stores useful data about every character on a player's account and displays it in a table.

header for ElvUI Recount Inherit Global Fade

ElvUI Recount Inherit Global Fade

35,171+ downloads on Curse

Lua WoW

An extension of the popular AddOn ElvUI that causes Recount to respect the interface fading feature.

header for Simc Dungeon Journal

Simc Dungeon Journal

2,371+ downloads on Curse

Lua WoW

Provides a function to generate SimulationCraft input based on boss loot tables found in the dungeon journal.